We’ve significantly improved the performance of thousands of salespeople across the globe in both technical/long-term and direct sales.


We’re the only company offering the OMNIMIND™ sales strategy that improves sales conversions by 35% to 100%, or more.


Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have laboured hard for. Socrates


After an initial consultation, we tailor-make specific training to match a company’s culture and needs to achieve fast results.

Increase Your Profitability

SOCRATIZ™ protecting profits

More than ever, during these unprecedented times, it’s essential that salespeople are at zenith performance to help protect company profits.
We’re renowned for a coaching format that cannot be emulated, which guarantees an increase in sales performances by 30% to 100%, and in many cases even more.
SOCRATIZ™ online sales training is available at a very reasonable cost, to help B2B and B2C clients ensure they continue to win business.

Learning Made Easy

Drummond ‘s straightforward training enables salespeople to positively expand their sales talents. A terrific way to begin or continue the journey to becoming unstoppable at winning business.

Unique Courses

As part of our overall training, we’re the only company offering the transactional OMNIMIND™ sales strategy, which empowers greater sales performances, resulting in higher company profits.

Transformative Learning

Our style of training is specific to each skill in the sales process so that progressively salespeople become far more capable and confident at sales conversions.

Adapted to your needs

We can prepare training sessions compatible to a company’s needs and culture and, if requested, evaluate current sales strategies and lead generation.

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Industry Experience

Electronics, Automotive, Engineering, Law, Real Estate, Hospitality, Direct Sales, Technical/Long Term Sales

Brilliant Team

Our trainers have all been operational sales executives.

Creative & Professional

We will take your sales team on a fast-paced uncomplicated journey.

Power of Influence

Persuasion has no place in modern sales.

Direct to the Mind

Influence clients’ minds to win more business.


Salespeople love our style of training, aimed at making them unstoppable.
We improve sales performances by 35% to 100% or more.
Training’s not an event, it’s a process and why we offer12 weeks post-training follow up.
The only company offering the OMNIMIND™ sales strategy, guaranteed to win more business.
We offer the unique option of sales roleplay performances by our in-house actors.



Lone Wolf

Some years back, I was requested to take on a temporary secondment as a lone wolf within the IT division of a Fortune 500 Group. My assignment, as described by the Group MD, was to close £multimillion value deals, which were being lost because their technical geeks were meeting the client’s geeks and missing deals by…

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90 Million Salespeople

   90 MILLION salespeople are in the developed and undeveloped world bringin revenues to their companies and supporting global liquidity. Sounds great doesn’t it, until we factor in the well-known Pareto Law that 80% of those salespeople only bring in 20% of the business; leaving the other 20% to bring in 80%. A proverbial problem…

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Steve Jobs was Right

This famous quote by the late great Steve Jobs is 100% accurate 99% of the time  We’ve all seen presenters lose immediate credibility by using PowerPoint slides to help them remember what they are trying to communicate. Almost as bad are those presenters who at conferences put up slides full of text; and whilst we’re speed-reading…

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Lego® Serious Play®

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) is a technique that uses Lego blocks in directed exercises to build structures that metaphorically represent business and brand architecture models. Based on extensive research in organisational development, psychology, and learning techniques—LSP uses the context of “play” to enable executives, managers, and employees to communicate more effectively, to stimulate their imaginations,…

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