Client Testimonials

During the initial launch of our company, we were fortunate enough to appoint Alex Blackwood of Drummond Training to support our sales training, with an additional brief to focus on lead generation and client communication. It was a very successful relationship where we were able to accelerate the launch of our sales process. Drummond Training not only provided first-rate sales training, but also gave good advice on sales lead strategies that helped us grow our ongoing successful business; they have tremendous experience and a very pragmatic approach. I highly recommend them.

Chairman, International Real Estate Company

We’ve been using Drummond Training since 2015 and have to say that they have transformed the way we make sales happen. Their comprehensive training provided us with ideas and concepts that helped us to more than double our sales orders, which ultimately led to a considerable increase in market share and continued growth of our company. The way they train is uniquely comprehensive and a system that we now use daily. I regularly recommend them to my non-competitive contacts.

Operating Director, International Martech Company

Drummond implemented a one-day sales refresher course for our seasoned sales professionals. Post training the sales team were buzzing with renewed enthusiasm; and almost immediately, we were winning more orders than ever before. The feedback from the team was enlightening, as they confessed that they were reminded of techniques they had forgotten to use, and they also gained new insights on how to win far more business. We have on that basis, arranged quarterly sessions with Drummond and unequivocally recommend their services.

Managing Director, Manufacturing Company

Alex Blackwood is to corporate business as Gordon Ramsay is to restaurants. Prior to training our sales execs, he looked at our overall company performance and very quickly spotted weaknesses (problems) in our marketing and lead generation and provided us with solutions that we put into action. Those alone lifted our turnover as we were very quickly seeing far more qualified clients. That, plus his excellent sales training has seen us triple our order books in just 10 months.

Sales and Marketing Director, IT Group

Now What?

Many companies use the services of external sales training companies to help increase revenues and grow market share. This is why we find it to be a mesmerising conundrum that they then permit or tolerate those training companies advertising that fact on their websites, by emblazing their client companies’ logos across their Home page.

To us, this doesn’t make sense. Our clients have substantially increased revenues and market share, for which they paid us. However, if we then advertise who they were on our website, then no doubt their competitors could ask us to help them achieve the same success.

Such a dichotomy shouldn’t exist, as patently it could diminish the return on the investment the client company made in the first place.

Accordingly, our policy is to never divulge our clients’ names or companies, neither verbally or in writing; and as such is written into our Policy.