Engineering Company

The company manufactures its award-winning heavy engineering product out of its UK factory. Traditionally, they had sold their product range to the British and European markets at around £1million per machine. However, the economic downturn had caused a significant reduction in orders and the company was faced with laying-off half the workforce and closing half of the factory, or alternatively expand their reach into far-flung international markets.

Choosing the latter, they rapidly created sales agents across the continents and became so successful that instead of cutting-back they doubled the factory size, but then faced a new and unexpected problem. The traditional European market was coming back, but they were doing so well from the new markets that they were having to turn the European business away as they had no production spaces left, by default, allowing competitors a foot in the door with their previously loyal European clients.


Alienate traditional custom that had been hard-fought for, or risk investing in a further factory expansion with the uncertain knowledge of where and when orders might next come from.


The company had done an excellent job of promoting their brand worldwide and their sales team and foreign-based agents were kept very busy quoting for orders, but they could never seem to accurately advise HQ from whom or when the next orders would come from. Expected orders were sometimes lost and unexpected orders would suddenly come their way, creating chaotic shop floor planning and the uncertainty of when to place orders with third party suppliers of the engineering components needed to build the machines to the strictly quoted delivery dates.


Drummond implemented a strategy and tactic that efficiently and effectively allowed their salespeople and agents to advise HQ, in a timely fashion, what orders they were most probably going to receive and what orders they were most likely going to lose. That strategy is based on Drummond’s NMY™ technique that’s excellent for creating greater clarity of forward-planning whilst at the same time the technique also creates a far greater ability to WIN MORE BUSINESS.


Sales up by 280%