Sales Training Company

The company markets sales training videos of a famous USA branded franchise. They have terrific and expensive offices. Their Director of Training is a well-known sales mentor, who faithfully follows the franchisor’s modus operandi when training salespeople in his highly presentable and fully kitted-out training rooms. To maintain throughput at the training rooms and also attain a second revenue stream, the company employed five fairly solid mature salespeople to call CEOs and directors of South African businesses to invite them to their office for a private viewing of selected videos of the sales training franchisor, during which the same team tried to close the client on an initial training programme to be conducted at their training rooms, and also to purchase a 13 video package as ongoing back-up to the training.


The sales rate at 2% was so bad that the trainer was only in front of trainees for a small portion of his time and sales of the videos were almost non-existent. With the effect that the owner’s business plan was in shreds. Recognising how ineffective things had become, but not knowing why, the owner decided to either close the business altogether, especially as the trainer and the salespeople were now talking of ‘jumping ship’, or find a way to fill their training rooms and sell the videos.


The main problem was easy to spot. The owners had fallen for that old and dangerous saying of… Everybody’s gonna love my baby! They had assumed, wrongly, that the brand name of the USA franchise would have people knocking down their door. Added to which the salespeople making the viewing appointment, were finding that they had very few to sell to because the client show rates to telephone appointments were dismal.


Drummond immediately changed everything; except the trainer, the salespeople and the franchise i.e. we only implemented a change to the set-up. First, we recognised that the salespeople were a good bunch, just misdirected. The way the company had set things up initially, meant that if a prospective company sales director did turn up and viewed portions of the videos…  the salesperson was then relying/gambling on that director going back and selling the idea, of buying them, to his CEO and or other directors. In any event and more of a problem, busy powerful businessmen were not showing up. Either because they were too busy to get out of their office into their car and drive to the training office, or had forgotten over time, or had in the first instance just acquiesced to an appointment to get rid of the salesperson with no real intention of ever turning up.

So instead, we trained the salespeople on our transactional OMNIMIND™ system. As well as how to maintain better control of the client; nor to discuss the price over the phone; make appointments at the clients’ offices instead of the clients coming to their office, and request other decision-makers to attend.

We also trained the salespeople on a far more creative dynamic presentation around the contents of the videos, but not the videos themselves. This allowed us to implement needs counselling and create the want. Our methods made an extraordinary difference in the success of the business. Yes, the salespeople were now travelling, but appointed meetings ran near enough to 100% and decision-makers were most times all in the room. Closing rates for the training and the sale of videos climbed to 9% whereby the company had to very quickly hire another trainer to cope with demand. We then implemented a highly trained telesales team to make the appointments so that the external sales team was out on the road presenting and closing all the time.

The business was now on a sound footing and survived the terrible embarrassment of being a sales training company that could not sell.


Sales up by 450%.