Essential Sales Skills – 2 days

Course Objectives

Participants will learn the strategies, tactics, techniques, speech habits and all the necessary skills to equip them to become accomplished sales performers; capable of substantially increasing their pace of sales.

Indicative Course Content

Pre-planning the sales effort. Expect rather than hope for sales

ABC6™. Closing the sale starts before you ever meet the client

Powerful words. To succeed you need to replace bad words and phrases

Follow-ups. Strategies and techniques to follow-up without being annoying

Win more sales. By learning why most salespeople lose sales

Making appointments. Speech habits that sell the meeting

Getting by the gatekeepers. More contacts lead to more sales

Communication skills. Impress and maintain client interest in the offer

Rapport abilities. Poor rapport skills lose the sale before going any further

Gain immediate trust. Clients don’t buy just because they like you

Qualification for a decision. An early promise to get a yes or no at the end

Needs and Wants. Finding or creating the need and fulfilling it with the want

Logic vs Emotions. How to use both relative to time and arousal

Presenting skills. 12 remarkable influential abilities that win far more sales

Price presentation. Present the price in two ways and understand discounts

Closing abilities. The right mindset to ensure opportunities are taken

Handling Objections. Five techniques to turn objections into orders

Closing the sale. Soft speech habits that close sales

Obtaining referrals. Tactics and speech habits to attain more business

All sales training companies will, or should, cover all the above as a minimum. What makes us different is our ability to instil unique and memorable techniques such as Drummond’s HUNT™, SPY™, DRUIDS™ and numerous others, to ensure the training is efficiently and effectively embedded and developed in work-life action, resulting in significantly increased sales

In-house courses are held at the client company’s office, regional hotels

or our London office.

Open courses are held at either our London Offices or regional hotels.

Check for dates, locations, and availability.