Direct to the Mind Sales Skills – 1 day

Course Objectives

Participants will learn how to communicate effectively with the minds of their clients to optimise their ability to influence the clients to make up their minds to buy from them!

For the sake of clarity, this is not based on the outdated pseudoscience of neuro linguistic programming (NLP).


Indicative Course Content


  • Understanding what you’re selling to
  • OMNIMIND™ transactional sales system
  • Easily understand the sales processes
  • Exact information on required interactions
  • Inner sanctum of influential transmissions
  • CONGRUENTMIND™ sales method
  • Specific sales functions of the Mind
  • Association mind tool
  • Sales mind procedures
  • Sales mind targets
  • Sales mind objectives
  • Sales mind results
  • S.O.L.D.™

Devoid of gobbledegook, this unique sales training course is the most modern on the market, equipping salespeople with the know-how and ability to influence the minds of their clients to make up their minds to buy from them.

In-house courses are held at the client company’s office, regional hotels

or our London office.

Open courses are held at either our London Offices or regional hotels.

Check for dates, locations, and availability.