Relationship Sales Skills – 1 day

Course Objectives

Participants will learn the art of people skills and relationship skills to ensure they’re equipped to influence their clients to buy from them. The transformation of becoming an accomplished interactive sales performer will substantially increase the pace of sales.

Indicative Course Content


  • People skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Why people buy
  • How people buy
  • EI skills
  • Dispositions
  • The real you
  • Internal enemies
  • Motivations and behaviour
  • Predictive personalities
  • Negotiating styles

This course delivers a modern and immeasurably competitive sales edge, culminating in a considerable increase in sales revenues. Participants will be equipped to understand themselves, attain a greater understanding of other people, gain an advanced perception of the sales process and become expert in the ability to positively influence clients.

In-house courses are held at the client company’s office, regional hotels

or our London office.

Open courses are held at either our London Offices or regional hotels.

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