Sales Management Skills – 2 days

Course Objectives

Participants will gain a greater insight to best understand their own strengths and weaknesses and how to effectively lead, manage, develop, coach, drive and motivate the people in their sales team. They’ll learn how to make the right choices in recruiting new people and inspirational ideas to ensure co-operative commitment to the attainment of increased and profitable sales revenues.

Indicative Course Content

  • Sales Management defined
  • Inspirational leadership
  • Building an incredible team
  • Coaching and motivation
  • Maintaining credibility
  • Incentivising the team
  • Effective sales meetings
  • Effective use of time
  • Performance appraisals
  • TLC vs discipline
  • Colleague harmony
  • Discounts vs profits
  • Budget forecasting
  • Result forecasting
  • Using technology
  • Ensuring referrals

Our Sales Management training equips participants with all the strategies, tactics, techniques and a myriad of other management skills to achieve greater success through a great sales team that consistently delivers results in the form of increased profitable revenues.

In-house courses are held at the client company’s office, regional hotels

or our London office.

Open courses are held at either our London Offices or regional hotels.

Check for dates, locations, and availability.