Sales Training

Depending on the agreed training content that may include a few days of training, the amount of new information being presented could cause some participants to become a bit overwhelmed, triggering a lack of concentration. Resulting in the inability to replicate the new strategies and skills in front of clients. Consequently, we provide the option of training one day at a time, over a short period of time that suits each client company.

Corporate Training

Drummond Training has developed specific leadership and communication programmes. However, we can customise our courses to represent a company’s culture and needs. We also have development programmes that take care of specific points within an organisation, such as Coaching, Diversity, Lego® Serious Play®, Negotiation and Relations; as part of the overall strategy of success.

Performance Analysis

To ensure there isn’t anything in the sales cycle that may be detrimental to the attainment of the competitive-edge, we offer an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s current sales strategies and support collateral, to establish whether improvements are necessary to gain and maintain better sales-led results.

Lead Generation

It’s senseless to invest in sales training if subsequently, the salespeople have little or no sales leads in which to perform their new-found prowess. It’s a bit like having highly trained tennis players standing around with no ball to play with. Time and again, we have come across companies that don’t provide a solid enough plan to consistently generate sufficient sales leads in both quantity and quality.

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