The lifeblood of a company is its lead generation; a vital part of the body corporate, operated by the marketing division, which is preferably separated from or split from the sales function, which is so dependent on the quality and quantity of leads in attaining great sales results. For the sake of clarity, whilst marketing and sales are synergetic, in any other terms they are not compatible.

Marketing is implicit. It deals with the creation of awareness of the company, its positioning, targeting, branding, image, PR, pricing, packaging, advertising, competitive analysis, and more, but most importantly the creation of leads for the sales function; and essentially marketing is an office-based staff function.

Selling is explicit. It deals with direct contact with clients, travelling, presenting, and closing, and essentially a line function. In warfare terms, marketing is the big guns at the back softening up the targets and salespeople the fighters in the trenches. That’s why not many can switch between sales and marketing and get away with it.

Therefore, one would think that lead generation would be foremost in a company’s mind to ensure the sales division is being kept busy chasing leads, but sadly this is not what we always hear when training salespeople. This is why we offer, as an adjunct to our sales training, a service to analyse a company’s marketing activities and the various channels being used to facilitate incoming quality leads: suggesting new avenues where appropriate.

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