Exceptional sales training is predicated on changing individual salespeople’s ability to develop into top performers capable of bringing in brilliant results by closing more deals. However, it’s imperative that such performers have all the necessary support and encouragement from their company if they’re to maintain a high pace of sales.

The most important thing the company should be doing in support of their salespeople is to figure out how well they are performing after the training and then having a plan to help them do even better. Effectively, having a system that tracks each salesperson’s performance throughout the whole sales cycle that measures and analyses how each is performing, and then determining where she or he needs further help.

Every company wants their salespeople to be successful, but some companies do make it hard for them to meet targets by making them do too much administrative work, such as entering data into outdated systems, instead of using their time efficiently in front of prospective clients.

Where appropriate, we can help with the creation of a ‘sales-friendly’ mobile orientated CRM system to allow the sales force to work with real-time data, immediately updating a prospect’s information rather than waiting till they’re back at home or in the office, which also empowers sales management to efficiently keep track of the sales pipe. We can also perform an analysis on the ‘sales tools’ provided by the company, such as materials, website, presentation formats, incentives and motivational platforms; and where appropriate recommend changes.

NOTE: Whenever a company sends their salespeople to any external training company, the salespeople can generally have a fear that the training company will report back to their company with comments on the abilities or inabilities of that person. For the sake of clarity, Drummond does not condone nor use such tactics. That said, if a company wants to analyse the performance abilities of a salesperson after our training, we can do so by ‘riding shotgun’ with them on their sales calls. However, this must be handled with great care and with the pre-approval of the individual salesperson.

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